• Heinkel He-280 V3

RS Models 1/72

The Heinkel He 280 was the first turbojet-powered fighter aircraft in the world. It was inspired by Ernst Heinkel's emphasis on research into high-speed flight and built on the company's experience with the He 178 jet prototype. A combination of technical and political factors led to it being passed over in favor of the Messerschmitt Me 262.  Only nine were built and none reached operational status.

He 280 V3

  • Coded as "GJ+CB".
  • 1942-07-05: First flight.
  • 1945-05: Captured at Heinkel-Sud factory complex at Wien-Schwechat, Austria

He-280 with HeS engineHe-280 with HeS engine

Heinkel He-280 V3

  • Tuotemerkit RS Models
  • Tuotenumero: 92149
  • Saatavuus: 1
  • 27,00€

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