• P-40M Warhawk/Kittyhawk Mk.III

Special Hobby 1/72.  Suomi sai sotasaaliiksi vaurioituneita Warhawkeja, joista yksi P-40M, konetyypin englantilaisen tyyppinimen, Kittyhawk Mk.III, mukaan rekisteritunnuksen KH-51 saanut, korjattiin Suomen ilmavoimien käyttöön. Varaosien huonon saatavuuden takia sillä ei lennetty paljon, ainoastaan tutustumislentoja. Ei sisällä suomalaisia tunnuksia.

P-40M Warhawk 1/72

The Warhawk was a true hero and a workhorse of the Second World War. Its many various versions fought with the Allied air forces over almost all fronts and theatres of operations. The M version was the penultimate production version and was delivered both to the USAAF and the Allies. And this is the very reason there is so many interesting-looking colour schemes which the M Warhawks wore during their flying career.
   Our model has been kitted to a very high standard, three styrene sprues and one clear are joined by a decal sheet offering markings for four machines. You will find the almost mandatory Wairarapa Wildcat of the RNZAF top ace pilot G.B.Fisken, then there are two US machines and one as flown by an Aussie pilot. Quite difficult to chose just one from all these ‘Pacific Warriors’, we believe.

  • Interesting paint schemes
  • The best 1/72 P-40 currently available
  • Large number of resin sets and painting masks available separately

P-40M Warhawk/Kittyhawk Mk.III

  • 20,00€

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