• Japanese Army Medium Tank Type 3 "Chi-Nu" (w/4 Figures)


Tamiya 1/35 n: 25107.

Type 3 Medium Tank Chi-Nu ("Imperial Year 2603 Medium tank Model 10") was a medium tank of the Imperial Japanese Army in World War II. Like the Type 1 Chi-He, this tank was an improved version of the Type 97 Chi-Ha. It incorporated a Type 3 75 mm tank gun, one of the largest Japanese tank guns during the war.

The Chi-Nu did not see combat during the war. All produced units were retained for the defense of the Japanese Homeland in anticipation of an Allied invasion

Japanese Type 3 Medium Tank 1/35 Chi-Nu (W/4 Figures) / Tamiya USA

Japanese Army Medium Tank Type 3 "Chi-Nu" (w/4 Figures)

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