• Mayflower 1:60

Billing Boats (B820) Mayflower Pilgrim Ship - Model Boat & Fittings.

Billing Boats (B820) Mayflower Pilgrim Ship - Model Boat & Fittings is a scale model of a three-masted galleon launched in 1615. Length 19.50 m, breadth 7.95 m, draught 3.35 m and a displacement of 180 tons. The first information about the Mayflower dates from 6th September 1620. After a number of difficulties, the vessel sailed from Plymouth in England with 102 men, women and children on board. After 67 days at sea, the Mayflower cast anchor at the port later to be called Provincetown - almost 200 miles further north than planned. Mayflower II was built in 1957 in Brixham, Devon and sailed to the USA, where it is now permanently anchored as a gift to the American nation.

Kit Contents:

Plan with detailed building instructions German, English, French, Danish, Italian and Dutch, laser cut wooden hull, decks from wood, plastic and wooden parts to finish the model.

Fittings Contents:

All fittings included (e.g. position lights, anchors, life-belt, etc.)


Length 650 mm.
Width 135 mm.
Height 520 mm.
Scale 1:60.

Mayflower 1:60

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