• Supermarine Walrus 'Silver Wings'

Airfix 1/48. TILAUSTUOTE. Toimitus 2-3vk.

The reputation of the Supermarine company was built on their ability to design and produce effective and reliable marine and amphibious aircraft for civilian and military use. The Walrus was a perfect example of their expertise and underlined the strength of the aircraft by performing a loop at the 1933 Hendon Air Pageant, to the astonishment of the massed ranks of spectators.

  • Scheme 1: HMS Birmingham 4th Cruiser Squadron 1938-40
  • Scheme 2: 53.S.16, Flottille 53S, Aeronavale, Hourtin, 1945-48
  • Scheme 3: N20 Irish Air Corps 1939-40

Supermarine Walrus 'Silver Wings'

  • Tuotemerkit Airfix
  • Tuotenumero: A09187
  • Saatavuus: 3
  • 43,00€

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