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  • U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Lexinton (CV-2)


U.S.S. Lexington (CV-2) was the lead ship of the Lexington class aircraft carrier. Originally designed as a battlecruiser, she was converted into one aircraft carrier during construction to comply with the terms of the Washington Naval Treaty. Lexington was commissioned in 1927. Lexington and her sister ship Saratoga were used to develop and refine carrier tactics in a series of fleet exercises before World War II. She’s a pioneer of the U.S. Navy air combat. This ship sank in the Battle of the Coral Sea.



This 1/700 scale U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Lexington plastic model kit features fast snap-fit design which doesn’t need glue. All the parts are pre-colored. Waterline and full hull options are available.


Length: 387mm  Width: 56mm

  • Based on the original drawings and a lot of authoritative reference materials, this kit accurately replicates the Lexington aircraft carrier during the war in March 1942.

  • Lexington’s wooden flight deck, arresting cables and barricade are finely replicated.

  • Thanks to the smart design, the easy-to-assemble unique superstructure including the mast keeps its exquisite details.

  • TBD, SBD and F-4 aircraft models are included in the kit.

  • The specially designed hull structure features accurate profile and pre-colored hull bottom, waterline and upper deck parts. 

  • The kit contains grey, black, red and yellow plastic sprues and stickers.

U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Lexinton (CV-2)

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