FineMolds 1/48

FineMolds 1/48 mittakaavan lentokoneet.

Imperial Japanese Navy Carrier Bomber Yokosuka D4Y1/D4Y2 Judy

The Yokosuka D4Y Suisei (Suisei, "Comet", Allied reporting name "Judy") is a two-seat carrier-based ..


Imperial Japanese Navy Rocked-Powered Interceptor Mitsubishi J8M "Shusui"

The Mitsubishi J8M Shūsui  literally "Autumn Water", used as a poetic term meaning "Sharp Swo..


Mitsubishi A5M2b "Claude" Imperial Japanese Navy Carrier Fighter

The Mitsubishi A5M, formal Japanese Navy designation Mitsubishi Navy Type 96 Carrier-based Fighter (..


Nakajima Ki-43 Type1 Fighter II "Oscar" Manchoukuo Air Forca

The Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa ("Peregrine Falcon", "Army Type 1 Fighter" (一式戦闘機)) was a single-engine ..


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