• Italian Light Tank L6/40


Italian Light Tank L6/40
Item No:89783 

Length: 107mm (Image shows assembled and painted model.) ※Click to enlarge

【 True Light Tank 】 Fiat Ansaldo started development of a light tank in 1936, and the L6/40 was designated as the Italian Army’s first light tank in 1940. Powering the rivet construction hull was a 68hp inline 4-cylinder liquid cooled gasoline engine with a unique torsion bar suspension that enabled a maximum speed of 42km/h. Main armament was a Breda 20mm anti-aircraft cannon. Due to the delays of production and development, the L6/40 became an old type tank by the time it was deployed on the frontlines at the end of 1941. The L6/40 served in reconnaissance roles from North Africa to the Balkans and Russia, and were also used by German forces for anti-partisan operations after Italy's surrender in September, 1943.

【 About the Model 】 1/35 scale plastic model kit of the Italian Light Tank L6/40. ★Length: 107mm The riveted construction is accurately reproduced with less parts. ★All of the transmission, cockpit, drive shaft, and cannon have rich finish. ★Link type assembly tracks included. ★Photo-etched parts depict the exhaust and number plate. ★Markings for depicting the tank in Russian front, North African front, Balkan front (2) are included. Also includes markings to depict the tank of Italian and German Army. ★Photographic reference manual (English) and its Japanese summary is included. (Tank parts made by Italeri.)

■Maintenance Hatch
Photo-etched parts depict details such as hatch hinges. The transmission and drive shaft both have a sharp finish.

■Turret Interior
Each hatch can be depicted in either an open or closed appearance. The 20mm cannon and commander's seat are highly detailed.

Applying 2 or 3-tone camouflage pattern, or Sand Yellow paint scheme to depict the tank on each front will be truely enjoyable.

Includes officer and tank crew figures, as well as an wooden carton box. Officer's lapel design can be reproduced by decals.

■Photo-etched parts & Decals
Photo-etched parts are included to achieve sharp details. 4 kinds of markings for Italian Army vehicles and 1 kind for German Army vehicle are included.

■Photographic Reference Manual
Includes L6/40 tank photos taken during the war and at Kubinka Tank Museum, as well as information about the tank. It encourages you to build your model at higher level.

Painting & Markings Example Main Colors:XF-59 Desert Yellow, XF-60 Dark Yellow

Italian Light Tank L6/40

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