• Reggiane Re2002

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Reggiane Re2002
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Length: 170mm (Image shows assembled and painted model.) ※Click to enlarge

【 Stand Out Italian Fighter Bomber 】 From the request made by the Italian air force, the Reggiane Re2000 was produced and had its maiden flight in 1939. The aircraft featured an all-metal low-wing monoplane which differed from other Italian fighter designs. The Reggiane was improved upon and fitted with an air-cooled 1,175cc engine to produce the Re2002 which was adopted by the Italian air force as a fighter bomber. This aircraft had two nose mounted 12.7mm guns, two 7.7mm wing mounted guns, and had the capacity to carry a 650kg bomb under its fuselage. They first saw combat on the Allied invasion of Sicily in July 1943. When Italy surrendered, the Luftwaffe used them for anti-partisan duties. A few of these aircraft joined the Italian Co-Belligerent Air Force and fought alongside with the Allies.

【 About the Item 】 1/48 scale plastic assembly kit of the Italian fighter bomber Reggiane Re2002. Length: 170mm, Width: 229mm. ★The compact fuselage and narrow cowlings have been realistically reproduced. ★The canopy can be assembled in either an open or a closed position with the flaps in an up or down position. ★In addition to the 500kg drop tank, airfield accessories such as fuel drums and jerry cans are included. ★1 seated pilot figure included. ★Decals depicting the Regia Aeronautica (3 types), the Luftwaffe (2 types), and the Regia Aeronautica that fought alongside the Allies after Armistice (1 type) are included. ★※Photographic reference manual (English, 48 pages) included. (Aircraft parts are product of Italeri.)

■Figure & Drop Tank
The seated pilot figure provides the model with great realism. The 500kg drop tank can be assembled with or without the dropping arm.

■Rear View
Its powerful form has been richly reproduced. Kit includes accessories such as fuel drums and jerry cans to depict realistic airfield dioramas.

■Photographic Reference Manual
The Photographic Reference Manual contains actual aircraft photos during the war, and will raise your motivation for modeling.

Aeronautica Cobelligerante Italiana, 239a Squadriglia,
102 Gruppo, 5 Stormo, Palata, Campobasso,
Italy 1944

Regia Aeronautica 5 Stormo, Wing Commander Aircraft, Manduria/Foggia, Italy August 1943

Luftwaffe Unknown Unit, Pavullo nel Frignano, Bologna, Italy 1944
Painting and Marking Examples Main Colors: TS-2 Dark Green, AS-16 Light Gray

Reggiane Re2002

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