• Vallejo 73.212 Decal Softener
Siirtokuva kiinitin. Sama tuote kuin Decal Medium.

 Decal Softener #73.212

Decal Medium It improves the adherence of the decal and prevents the formation of air bubbles. It also acts as a cleaner and helps prepare the surface of the model before applying the decal. Before placing the decal, first apply Decal Medium with a brush on the surface of the model and then slide de decal from the paper to the surface; next apply Decal Medium over the decal and press down lightly with a finger or humid cloth to eliminate excess liquid. Decal Medium contains alcohol, and is therefore flammable, but it is neither toxic nor irritating.

Vallejo 73.212 Decal Softener

  • Tuotemerkit Vallejo
  • Tuotenumero: V73.212
  • Saatavuus: 2
  • 2,70€

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