• F-4S Phantom II

1/48 Scale
Plastic Model Kit
(including 2-color molded parts, clear and grey)
Total Parts: 390
June 10th, 2017


Zoukei-mura development team lets you spot the 16 differences with the J-Type !!

●Main wings
1. Front slat (4 points)
2. Slender fence added to the folding part of the main wings
3. Different shape of the external wing tip
4. Half-moon part over the back seat of the central canopy
5. Back mirror added on the upper surface of the rear canopy
6. Cockpit optical sight and cockpit panels (front and rear)
7. Control stick
8. EL light panels (formation lights) of nose, fuselage, wing edges, vertical tail
9. Fuselage top antenna changed from 3 places to 1
10. Side antenna added upon the air intake
11. Different shape of the ram air intake on the left side of the nose
●Fuselage underside
12. No antenna behind the front gear storage box (installed on the J-type)
13. Different shape of the antenna under the right air intake
14. Reinforcing panels and underside of the central fuselage reproduced
15. Different shape and position of the louver under the nose
16. Different shape of the antenna beside the airbrake, below the main wings

F-4S Phantom II

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