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AK Interactive Real Colors

AK Interactive Real Colors


The new Real Colors paint range is a very, very special step forward for AK.

AK Real Colors is a state-of-the-art acrylic lacquer paint developed in our own laboratories.

We are bringing to you a whole new range of acrylic lacquer paints and another step in the evolution of the products from our company. That has been a project we have been quietly thinking, working and developing for a long, long time.

Just to start, a line of 114 references (Standard, WWII, Modern, Clear and Varnishes) perfectly suited for AFVs, and readying a similar line specifically for aircraft. So stay tuned in the coming months ;)

Can be diluted with our own specific thinner or the ones from other brands and types: acrylic lacquer (non-vinyl), lacquer thinner, alcohol, water...

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